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Businesses transitioning to online sales are better postured for the future. Design Authority can deploy your new eCommerce venture using tried and true technologies.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We provide tailored bespoke implementation, complex product configuration, and custom plugin design.


Refine and sharpen your message. Simplify your value prop. Turn your brand into something memorable. We’re here to connect the dots. 

Visual design, product direction, packaging and asset production all fall under Design Authority’s data driven creative direction.


Let’s identify points of friction in your sales process. Are you making it easy for customers to pay you?

Retain more business, close more online sales, and strengthen your eCommerce operation by working with Design Authority. Our insight will positively affect your bottom line.

3D for Retail

3D designers are the architects of the future.

Step into Web 3.0 by engaging your customers with unique 3D experiences in your retail space or via your online store. A proven sales tool, 3D can help you convert better.